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July 19, 2018
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July 22, 2018

PAXFUL is planning to launch in Venezuela by this september




Hello Guys,
It is really exciting news for Venezuela that Bitcoin exchange is going to open its branch over here in September.The CEO of the company has informed that Company is going to expand business here as the users are increasing and almost double over here.

It seems with Venezuela that Only Crypto currency can take it out of the darkness.
Lets see. Hope for the best.

According to Paxful Co- founder Venezuela is a country where mobile are abundant and cheap but crypto wallet in mobile are scarce therefore exchange is planning to establish office with mobile app.’

Paxful is expanding very fast with 65 employee and this exchange is charging 1% fee on sale of bitcoin there this exchange is showing profit volume there.

Paxful provide service like swap bitcoin against fiat currency just like LocalBitcoin but here Localbitcoin trade in particularly same area or region while Paxful provide such service to the widely spread area

Best OF Luck

Team- CryptoGuruji


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