Still there is a time to enter in this level !!
July 18, 2018
PAXFUL is planning to launch in Venezuela by this september
July 21, 2018

BLACKROCK boost the crypto market !!! let’s celebrate.




Hello everyone,

Hello Guys,
Its time to celebrate! World’s giant are really showing their serious interest in Crypto Currency market and that is the reason that Bitcoin has gained the $7500 Mark in so fast,,,,


Black Rock CEO has given the interview to the Bloomberg explaining that the company is observing the Crypto Currency market very closely because this can become the widely used market in the future as the market is maturing.
He also admit that no client has sought an exposure till date about the crypto currency.

This news has been veey exciting for crypto market ans market is gaining after this news.

Moreover USA banking Giant JP Morgan and Barclays are fighting for Patent rights for block chain based Secured digital data based operation, and data validation

JP Morgan and Barclay are considered the biggest banking giant and if they are racing and attracted to the block chain base field it can be indicated by them- it is good news for whole crypto currency industry.


Best Of Luck

Team- CryptoGuruji


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