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July 28, 2018
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July 30, 2018

How to protect your wallet form CRYPTO CURRENCY HACKERS !!!


Hello Everyone,

Hello Dear Stemian
This has been a serious problem with all of crypto currency holder to protect crypto currency from the hackers because lot of hackers have eagle eye on your wallet. As soon as you miss then they will steal your hard earning crypto currency.
Then, Today I want to discuss with you about protection from the hackers as this is very critical.

Sometime we download App from the Play Store without much need and Be sure before downloading that it is being done through the proper link or website.
We have come to know that last month more than 2.50 Million people are affected due to this illness.’
Generally people download the app for some time which is actually not in need and as a result they have to loose much

If you are a trader then if possible keep your trading laptop or tablet separate. Because common laptop /pc/ tablet are generally are safe and if your system will be attacked then your trading account will be safe where you have put lot of crypto currency.

Always use Anti virus which is paid version and secure in your system. Some people use anti virus either crack version or free download type of where there is no need to pay anything, Finally they have to pay more than the actually they paid for genuine Anti virus.

Avoid Two factor via sms because it is too much risky and lot of time when hacker attack your Mobile then first of all he will hack the two factor. Then always use Two factor by Google authentication as it is safe and secure.

It is seen that lot of people use Public Wi-fi while using crypto transaction, it is so much danger as much you think. People using public wi- fi that means they are giving a;; their secret information in public

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