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June 22, 2018
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July 1, 2018

Will India Regulate Crypto Currency??


Hello Everyone

After a long wait we have been finally on the stage to be winner or may be loser. As the outcome of government is near and publish in July.

Supreme court of India is going to take decision for the regulation of crypto currency here in India.

Most probably as Government and other source are indicating some positive sign for the regulation it is clear that  People are cheering up in advance.

Formerly it was indicated that Bitcoin and other similar crypto currency will put under capital gain section here. which is proper way to collect tax and open the new source of income but there was some hurdle because government is still thinking that lot of people are misusing such a instrument which is becoming world wide accepted money.

But other side there is also lot of people and financial institution thinks  the Crypto Currency will make money transfer easy. cheap and fast.

So what will happen this july?? we don’t know but we are sure that whatever will happen it will be beneficial for both government and public.

Best Of LUCK

Team- CryptoGuruji

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